19 April 2011


UK & Siria a Bocca di Magra

Qualche ascolto in onde medie a Bocca di Magra. Mi sono divertito a registrare alcuni annunci puliti e senza interferenze dalla Siria e dall'Inghilterra, grazie alla propagazione abbastanza selettiva. Ogni tanto capita.

765 18/4 0050 BBC Essex, relay BBC Radio 5, songs, fair for few minutes

783 18/4 0100 Radio of Syrian Arab Republic, Tartus, great id on the hour, good

828 18/4 0100 NDR Info, Hannover, Germany, id & news, good (for several minutes no traces of 10 Gold Holland)

891 18/4 0055 Radio 538, Nederland, songs, ids, news on the hour, good

1062 18/4 0000 Radio Beograd, Novi Pazar, Serbia, Id & news, fair, QRM

1071 18/4 0000 Radio Al Nour, Tartus, Syria for Lebanon, talks and web address: www.alnour.com.lb, fair
Il logo di Radio Al Nour

1134 17/4 2350 Radio Kuwait, Arabic songs, id on the hour and news mentioning several countries, in Arabic, fair, some QRM fading from COPE Spain

1161 18/4 0000 Tay AM, Greenside Scalp, UK, clear id on the hour, then QRM Horizont

1170 17/4 2340 Radio Sawa, UAE, talks with ids and pop songs, fair

1197 17/4 2330 Absolute, UK, several tx max 2 KW, songs, good //1215

1233 17/4 2325 Absolute, UK, 5 tx max power 500 w, songs fair //1215

1323 17/4 2315 Gold, Southwick, UK, 500 watts, old hits, nice songs,2332 clear id: "Gold, the greatest hits of all time". Fair

RX: SDR IQ - ANT: Wellbrook LFL1010 loop
QTH: Bocca di Magra (La Spezia, Liguria, Italia)

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