06 December 2010


Onde medie in Toscana

Pochi ascolti in onde medie in Toscana

1220 0130 Nov.30 Radio Globo, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, talks, fair

1368 1709 Nov.29 Challenger Radio, Padova, Italy, Roberto Scaglione talking about radio in the world. Fair

1530 0400 Dec.1 VOA, Sao Tome, News in English, fair

1566 1705 Nov.29 AIR, India, National Channel, Indian songs, //9425 fair for few minutes.

1566 2200 Nov. 29, TWR, Benin, id in French, phone numbers, fair

1610 0403 Dec.1 Caribbean Beacon, Anguilla, usual religious talks in English, fair

1620 0555 Dec.1 Unid, romantic songs, in Spanish, not //5025 no id, it could be Rebelde FM relay or Radio Cadena Habana reported from Habana with 5 KW ?

RX: Perseus - ANT: long wire 30 metri - QTH: Pescia, Toscana

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