02 June 2011


Nigeria superstar

Ancora una volta Kaduna, Nigeria, fortissima su 594 kHz. In Parallelo con 6090 kHz, ma decisamento meglio in onde medie! Marocco sempre fuori frequenza sui 595 kHz. Il tutto a Bocca di Magra con il Perseus e l'Eton E1

594 1/6 1946 FRCN Kaduna, Nigeria, religious talks in African language with some words in Arabic and short Holy Kuran pieces. Fair/good, long fading, //6090. Morocco on 595 kHz

855 1/6 2100 Deutchland Radio Wissen, Germany, DRM, news in German, good only for 5 minutes, then audio loss.

1088 1/6 1940 R Nacional Angola, talks, weak

1359 1/6 2106 RNE Arganda, Spain, DRM, only the label, no audio

1566 1/6 2145 TWR, Parakou, Benin, Bible talks in French, fair

(Il loop della Wellbrook, sopra la direttiva FM - foto by dxer Marzio Vizzoni)

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