15 April 2011


Cara vecchia Europa

Un po' di vecchia Europa in Onde Medie, a Bocca di Magra (Boc22) con Dario Monferini

621 24+26/01 0800-;1920- RTBF, Tx Wavre, Belgium, French, In //1125 Khz, Sport Program. Suff/Good. Boc22

666 21-26/01 1730-2000 Radio Filia, Athens, Greece, Multilanguage Service + Germany Swr Cont.Ra. In German. They have a very irregular schedule, changing every night. 23/01 heard at 0030 In // 765, 927, 945, 1278, 1314,1494,1512 Khz ! Suff/V.Good. Boc22

675 24+27/01 0800-;2050- Radio Maria, Nederlands, religious music & chorus songs. id in dutch. separable by loop from Libya. Suff./Good. Boc22

693 21/01 1700-1940 Voice Of Russia, Tx Germany. German Service. Heard thanks RAI Siziano DRM off. Suff/Good. Boc22

702 RCI, China International relay from Col De La Madone, owned by Monaco. *0800-1300 French, 1300-1500 Chinese, 1500-1800 Italian, 1800-2300* French.

711 24-27/01 Evenings SWR Cont.Ra., Tx Heilbronn, 5 Kw, spreading DRM. According to press info all SWR Cont.Ra. stations on MW will close down in 2011... Boc22

720 21/01 1900-1910 WDR 2, Germany, Tx Langenberg 63.5kw., problems with Romania Actualitati Txs. Suff/Good. Boc22

729 21/01 1900-1910 ERA NET 1, Athens, Greece. Politicals debats, phonecalls, own program. Suff/Good. Boc22

738 21/01 1940-1950 World Radio Network, Moscow-Kurkhino, Russia, listed 10 Kw, Chinese service. Musics. Suff. Boc22

747 21-27/01 1930-1959 Radio Nostalgia (Ex Radio 5), Loopik, Netherlands. Songs Frank Sinatra. Suff/Good. Boc22

801 21+24/01 1900-1915 Bayern Plus, Munich, Germany. (Ex On3radio). Program oldies German songs of Belle Epoque... V.Good Boc22

810 21-27/01 0700-; 1800- Radio Skopje, monster signals blocking the channel. No way to get SER Madrid, Spain. Boc22

828 21-24/01 0800-;2215- Radio 10 Gold, Tx Heinenoord, Netherlands, (Ex Arrow Classic Rock), Soul Disco & Raggae Sounds + QRM Ndr Info, Hannover, Germany. Suff/Good. Boc22

846 23/10 2330-2335 Radio North, Donegal, Ireland, Country music. RAI 1 Roma DRM still off. Poor/Suff. Boc22

846 22-24/01 1830-1900* Radio Radonezh, Electrostal, Russia, Russian Talks Program. Poor/Good. Boc22

855 21-27/01 1500-; 2159- DRM noise "Dradiowissen", Germany. Another channel blocked no way to get RNE R.1 Stations On 855 Khz. Very Bad Service. Boc22

855 21+22/01 1500-1530 Radio Romania Actualitati, Tx Tancabesti, The Only Signal Able To Combat The DRM From 10 Kw Berlin-Britz, Germany. Suff/Good. Boc22

882 22/01 1520-1545 Radio CRNE Gore, Montenegro. National News. No way to get a verification. Problems with MDR Info Radio, Germany. Suff/Good. Boc22

882 23/01 2320-2330 BBC Radio Wales, Local program, problems with MDR Info, Germany. Suff/Good. Boc22

891 23+24/01 0800-;1935- Radio 538, Tx Hulsberg, Nederlands, Ids & Jingles, Dutch Dj, Pop, Rap, New age music. www.radio538.nl Suff/V.Good Radio 538 is an exemple showing how with 20 Kw at night it is possible to cover Europe.

909 24/01 1430-1500 Two programs Romania, Romania Actualitati Tx Ortisoara, //855 Khz & Radio Cluj, With Hungarian minority service. No Way To Get Signals From RNE R.5, Mallorca, Baleares. 500 watts ! Suff/Good. Boc22

927 22-24/01 0700-; 1400- Radio Vlandereen International, Belgium, Flemish Service, now 24 hours with songs & big bands, talks with listeners about separation in two countries of Belgium..... Good/V.Good. Boc22

927 23+25/01 0130-;1445- ERA Zakinthos, Greece. Relay ERA Sport or Radio Filia "Cosmos 666" Night program. Suff/V.Good Boc22

945 23/01 2310-2315 Radio Gold AM, Tx Bexhill, UK // 1548 Khz + Usual interferences from R. France Blue Toulouse. Poor/Suff. Boc22

963 26/01 1955-2005 Radio 86, Tx Pori, Finland, listed 600 Kw (but surely less power). Relay Radio China International. Chinese service. Problems with Algeria & Euskadi. Poor/Suff. Boc22

963 22+24/01 1400-1530 Two programs from Bulgaria, Radio Shumen, local service program & Radio Horizon, Txs, making noise, in //1161 Khz. Suff/Good Boc22

972 24-26/01 1800-1900 NDR Info, Relay Radio Colonia, Hamburg, Germany, program for Italian workers, Monday till Friday, //828 Hannover. "La Voce Italiana in Europa". Suff/Good. Boc22

981 Off Air RAI Trieste 4, Slovenijan Service, Off Air till 20 February due to mast repair works. Boc22

981 22-27/01 2200-2230 ERA 3, Athens, Greece. News in Greek, phonecalls, debates. Suff/Good Boc22

990 22-26/01 Daylight Deutschland Radio Kultur, Germany. Surprisely midday clear reception. Suff/Good Boc22

1035 21+22/01 1900-2315 Tartuskoye Semeinoye Radio, Tallinn, Estonia, Religious Talks Program In Russian. Suff/Good Boc22

1035 21-26/01 1845-2308 Star Fm, (Ex Radio Clube), Lisbon, Portugal, "Star Fm Os Clasicos" + Estonia & RAI 1 Network. Suff/Good. Boc22

1035 26/01 0100- North Sound 2, Abardeen, Scotland, Pop Mx, Oldies, Jingles, Id. Suff/Good Boc22

1044 22-26/01 1900-2200 ERA 3 Thessaloniki, Greece, Local News & Music Programs. Reception Up/Down MDR 1 Germany. No Way To Get Ser Spain Unfortunatly. Good/V.Good Boc22

1062 21+23/01 2303-2320 Country Radio, Praga, Chechia. Id & Johnny Cash Special, Country Music. Suff/Good Boc22

1062 24/01 *1100-1115 Dr Radio 1, Kalundborg, Denmark. Traffic & Sea Men Report, In Danish. Surprising Midday reception in Boc. Suff. Boc22

1071 20+23/01 0550-;1945- Unid Greek Station, Well Modulated, May Be Reactivated Radio Stathmos Messolongion, Peloponnesus, Greece ??? + Interferences From Arab Stations (See Above For Details). Poor/Suff. Boc22

1098 24/01 1500-1559 Radio Patria/Noviny, Tx Nitra, Slovakia, In Slovak Language. Suff/Good Boc22

1107 24/01 1105-1515 AFN Bavaria, Germany, Tx Augsburg, Local Midday
News. Winter Reception In Boc. Suff/Good Boc22

1107 21/01 2200-2210 Radio Serbia, Tx Novi Sad/Orlovat, Serbia, Serbian News Report + Afn Bavaria, Germany + RAI 1 Tx Roma (Monte Mario) Poor Signals, Rarely Heard In Boc. Suff/Good. Boc22

1116 22+25/01 1845-1900 Radio Miskolc, Hungary, Localprogram + Id, Gypsy Music Sounds + RAI 1 Network. Suff/Good Boc22

1125 22+24/01 0800-;1845- RTBF, Tx Houdeng, Belgium, Apparently In // 621 Khz, French Service, Vivacite' Programs Seems Reduced ?? + Interferences From Kanali Kultura, Byelorussia, Programs With Heawy Metal Rock Sounds. Suff/Good. Boc22

1134 21-27/01 *1600- HR Croazia, Regular starts at 1600 Hours..... So The Rijeka / Fiume Italian program at 1500-1515 hours can't be heard.... Good/V.Good Boc22

1152 24/01 0800-0900 LBC News, London, Uk, Fade Out Around 0900. Suff/Good Boc22

1152 22-26/01 1200-1300 Radio Romania Actualitati, Romania, Tx Cluj, Regular Midday Winter Reception In Boc. Suff/Good Boc22

1170 21-27/01 Regular Radio Capodistria, Slovenija, Italia N. 1130- "I Fatti Del Giorno", Notiziario. Regular Daylight Signals In Boc. At Evening Problems With Moldova Relay Radio Sputniek Russia & Radio Sawa' Relay Uae. Suff/V.Good Boc22

1188 22-25/01 1230-1300 Magyar Radio 4, Tx Marcali, Hungary, Ethnic Programs, Polish Service. Suff/Good Boc22

1188 22-27/01 2000-2220 MDR Info, Tx Reichenbach, Germany, Listed 3kw, But Strong Signals..... Suff/Good Boc22

1188 23+24/01 0600-;1950-1959* Unid Greek Station, No Stop Greek Songs, Bad Modulation, Probably A Pirate Station + Radio Payam, Iran, In Farsi + Egyptian Radio, Tx RAIsgharib, Arab Program. Poor/Good Boc22

1197 23/01 1720-1729 Radio Targu Mures, Tx Brasov, Romania, In // 1323 Khz, Id, Local News. Suff/Good. Boc22

1215 24/01 0800-0806 Cri Relay Flake 500kw, Albania, Clobbering The Signals Coming From Absolute Radio, London, Uk. Listed 200kw. V.Good Boc22

1233 23/01 1940-1959 TWR Cape Greco, Cyprus Greek, Twr "Rmc Doualiya" Arab Service. After 2230 Hours Channel Is Free, Absolute Radio, Uk, With 500 Watts May Be Hrd In Whole Europe. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1242 21-27/01 Daylight Radio France Info, Marseilles, France. Blocking The Channel. Suff/V.Good Boc22

1251 22+26/01 1230-;1730- Regio Radio Gyor, "Regio Radio", Hungary, In // 1350 Khz. Surprise Midday Reception. + At Evening Lybia, Voice Of Africa, In Arab. Block The Reception. Suff/Good Boc22

1260 21-27/01 1835....2030 Vatican Radio, Is Active With Multilanguage Programs, Also Spanish & Arab Heard In Boc. Suff/Good. Boc22

1278 22-26/01 0800....1845 "France Bleu Alsace" Selestat-Strasbourg, France, Www.Radiofrance.Fr/Chaines/France-Bleu/?Tag=Alsace In Alsacian/French. Local News. Reception Possible All Day In Boc. Suff/V.Good Boc22

1278 23/01 0600-0610 ERA Florina, Greece, Sunday Local Religious Program + With Loop Eliminated Interferences From France. Suff/Good. Boc22

1305 21-26/01 2045-2359 Unid Station With Modern Greek Music No Stop, No Liscas, This Is Not A Pirat, Good Modulation. Supposed To Be Located In Epiro Area. (Albanian Station Girokastra Is Inactive) A Real Mystery Station. Suff/Good Boc22

1314 24-26/01 0800-0829 Antena Satelor, Tx Craiova, Romania. Blocking The Channel, No Way To Get Morning Local Service From RNE R.5 Good/V.Good Boc22

1323 22-26/01 0800....1300 Voice Of Russia, Relay Tx Wachenbrunn, Germany. At 0800- English, Later In German. Blocking The Channel. Well Heard Midday In Boc. Suff/Good Boc22

1323 24/10 2300-2330 Gold Am, Tx Brighton, UK, "Only On Gold Am" In //1548 Khz. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1332 24+26/01 2220-2259 Radio Romania Actualitati, Tx Galati, 50 Kw Listed. Blocking The Channel. Rock Pop Oldies Program, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. Good/V.Good Boc22

1332 26/01 0658-0700 Twoje Radio, Tx Pinczow, Polonia. Listed 500 Watts. Network News. Taped With Perseus System. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1341 21-23/01 2230-2345 BBC Radio Ulster, North Ireland, Light Music For Retired People. Suff/Good - After The Suddenly Closure Of Magyar Katolikus Radio The 1341 Khz Channel Has Becomed Very Interesting To Be Monitorated.

1350 21-27/01 0800....1800 Radio Orient, Tx Nice, France, French News 1200-, Lot Of Live Reports About New Intifada In Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt. Other Times In Arab, 24 Hours. Blocking The 1350 Khz. Good/V.Good Boc22

1350 22+24/01 2220-2230 Radio Gyor, Hungary, Gypsy Songs , Up/Down Radio Orient. Suff/Good Boc22

1359 26/01 1605-1635 Unid Greek Station, Good Modulation, May Be ERA Pyrgos Reactivated Here ???? Ex 1350 Khz. That Day Not Heard The DRM Noise From Spain. Poor/Good. Boc22

1385,4v-1386,2v 21-27/01 1950-2130 "Makedonia" Pirate Greek, Usual Bad Modulation, Drifting Up & Down. A Real Pest. Even Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao, 50kw Is Clobbered !!!!. Suff/Good. Boc22

1395 21-26/01 0800....2350 Big L Radio, Tx Netherlands, Studio In Uk. Good Old Rock Music Songs. Ids. Good/V.Good. Boc22 Unfortunatly Big L From February Becomed Again Silent For Both Antenna & Money Problems.... So If You Try On
1395 Khz You Will Not Listen To Good Old Rock'n Roll Sounds. Web : Www.Bigl.Co.Uk/News

1422 24/01 0800-0815 Deutschlandfunk, Tx Saarbrucken, Germany. Listed 400kw. "Familien Und Kinder" Sozial Program. V.Good Boc22

1458 24-27/01 0800-0900 Sunrise Radio, London, UK, Hindustani Service, Ids Jingles. Gradually Fade Out After 0900 Hours. Dominant The Frequency. Suff/V.Good Boc22

1467 21-28/01*0600-1900* Radio Maria France, Tx Monaco Roumoules, Ids "Vous Ecoutez Radio Maria France" Web: Www.Radiomaria.Fr Hearable All The Day In Boc. At 1230 Relay Vatican Radio French Program. Good/V.Good. Boc22

1476 21/01 2014-2016 Unid Russian Station Playing Opera "Rigoletto"... Nothing Listed In EMWG List ? Ukraine reactivated ? Suggestions Are Welcomed ! Poor/Suff. Boc22

1494 22-23/01 1110-1130 Sunday & 1210-1230 Monday Radio Corse Frequenza Mora, In //1404 Khz. "Mediterradio" Bilingual Corsu/Sardu Program. Well Heard Daylight Hours In Boc. V.Good Boc22

1502,85 24+26/01 1610-1645 Radio Zavidovici, Bosnia, Bosnian Rock Songs. Usual "Tomb Audio". Suff/Good Boc22

1503 24+27/01 0800-;2130- Beograd 202, Beograd, Serbia. Ids, News, // 1107 Khz. Poor/Good Boc22

1512 23/01 0530-0545 Dutch Pirate Zanussi Zender, Dutch Polkas. Not Hrd Greece That Morning. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1512 22+24+26/01 0650-0705 ERA Chania, Greece, Local Morning News & Cretian Melodies 2000 Years Old. At Evening Very Irregular Relay ERA Sport Or ERA Filia "Cosmos 666". Suff/V.Good Boc22

1530 22-27/01 2300-2315 Radio Romania Actualitati, 2 Txs 14kw, Coming At Night Very Strong. Suff/Good Boc22

1548 22/01 *2230-2328* La Voce Di Russia, Tx Grigoriopol, Moldavia. Italian Service, Lettere Degli Ascoltatori : "Fiorenzo Repetto Ama La Cioccolata Fondente" + QRM Radio Sawa' & Gold Am, With Rock Pop Sounds.... Suff/V.Good Boc22

1548 24-27/01 0800-0900 Gold Am, London,UK, Ids, Jingles, Pop Oldies. Fade Out Gradually After 0900 Hours. Poor/Good Boc22

1564,8v-1565,8v 23+24/01 1820-2130 "Asteras", Greece, Greek Pirate, Bad Audio. A Real Desaster Around 1566 Khz. Very Bad. Boc22

1566 24+28/01 0630-0710 County Sound, Guildford, UK, Pop Oldies Songs, Ids, Jingles, Up/Down Bbc Somerset Morning Local Service. Suff/Good Boc22

1593 21-28/01 All Day DRM-Langerberg, Germany, Blocking The Channel, Very Proud Of This Result. Boc22

1602 23+24/01 0730-0900 Radio Waddenzee, Netherlands, Pop Music, Ids, Jingles. Web : Www.Radiowaddenzee.Nl Real Audio : Http://Radiotime.Com/Webtuner.Aspx?Stationid=81515& + QRM Radio Vitoria. Suff/Good Boc22

1610 26/01 1620-1630 Unid Greek Pirate "Tessera" 5, Usual Bad Audio, Songs Liscas. Vatican Radio Off This Hour. Boc22

1611 21-27/01 0000-0010 DRM Service "Vatican Radio", In Italian. V.Good Boc22

1619v-1621v 21-24/01 2020-0005 Stathmos Nicolas Dynamitys, Agrinio Town, Greece. Vomit Modulation. Boc22

1628-1629v 21-24/01 0530-;2030- Greek Pirate, Liscas No Stop, On/Off. Bad Audio. Boc22

1630 24/01 0535- Tangerine, Dutch Pirate, Id. A Real Danger Cause You May Suppose It Is A Yankee Signal X-Band. Boc22

1640 24/01 2030-2050 Unid Greek Pirate, No Stop Liscas Sounds. Bad Modulation. Boc22

1653-1655 21-23/01 1810....0025* Barones, Dutch Pirate, Ids English/Dutch, Greetings To Listeners & Other Pirates. S/Off. Boc22

1661-1662v 24/01 2020-2050 Unid Greek Pirate, On/Off, Bad Modulation, Liscas Sounds. Boc22

1670 24/01 2030-2055 Unid Greek Pirate, No Stop Liscas, Bad Modulation, Up/Down. Boc22

1690 24/01 2020-2030 Unid Greek Pirate, No Stop Liscas, Bad Modulation, Up/Down. Boc22

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