05 March 2011


Monitoring Spain & Portugal

Ecco il monitoraggio effettuato a Bocca di Magra con l'amico Dario Monferini, DXeditor di PlayDX e certosino band-scanner delle onde medie, in occasione di BOC 22 DX nights.

540 24-27/01 1130-1300 Onda Cero Radio, Catalunya (Barcelona), Local Programs In Catalan. Quite Low Bad Modulation. Suff/Good. Boc22

558 24-27/01 1230-1300 RNE R.5 Pais Valenciano (Valencia), Regional Programs, // 774 Khz. Suff/Good. Boc22

576 24-26/01 1230-1300 RNE R.5 Catalunya (Barcelona), Regional Service, // 738 Khz. Metallic Audio. Suff/Good. Boc22

585 24/01 1230-1300 RNE R.1 Comunidad De Madrid (Madrid), Regional News. Weak Signal but audible at midday. Poor/Suff. Boc22

594 23/01 1940-1955 Sim Radio, Tx Muge, 60 Kw, Portugal. Music Program. Poor/Suff. Boc22

621 24+26/01 1205-1300 RNE R.1 Baleares (Palma Mallorca), Regional Service In Mallorquin & Spanish Language. Id "Radio Nacional A Illas Balears". Suff/Good. Boc22

666 21/01 1820-1853 Ser R. Barcelona, Catalunya, not so good signal. At evening problems with co-channel Greek Radio Filia & Germany SWR Cont.Ra. Poor/Suff. Boc22

684 24+26/01 0550-0600 RNE R.1 Andalucia (Sevilla), Regional program. Poor/Suff. Boc22

711 24+27+28/01 0650-0700-1808-1855 COPE Murcia, Murcia, Spain, local news bulletin, Id & Averts. + interferences from Radio France Info,Tx Rennes & DRM Carried From SWR Cont.Ra. Only Partly Looped. Poor/Suff. Boc22

738 21-27/01 1205-1300; 1830- RNE R.1 Catalunya (Barcelona), Regional Service In Catalan. 1110 "Migdia Informatiu Radio Um I Radio Quatre". Like low power signal, at evening problems with 5 kw RTA Chaine 1, Ain Amenas, In //540 Khz. Poor/Suff. Boc22
The technical problems of RNE R.1 & RNE R.5 ended the 20 February ! According to Enric Roca & Jordi Brunet living in Catalunya.

747 21/01 1945-1955 RNE R.5 Andalucia (Cadiz), Regional Service, 21/01 Hrd very strong signals from Spain + Radio 5, Loopik, Nederlands. Suff/Good. Boc22

756 21-27/01 1930-1959 Euskadi Radio, Bilbao, Spanish network (No local programs in Radio Euskadi) + Irregulars interferences from Germany Deutschlandfunk. Suff/Good. Boc22

774 21-27/01 1205-1300 RNE R.1 Comunidad Valenciana (Valencia), Regional Program, In // 801 Khz Tx Castellon. Good/V.Good. Boc22

783 21-27/01 1130-1300 COPE Miramar, Barcelona, Catalunya, Tertullias Politicas Contra Zapatero, 1140- "El Trafic" (Traffic Info). 783 Khz always the best signal from Catalunya In Boc. Good/Very Good. Boc22

792 24+26/01 1820-1856;1925-1930 SER R. Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain, 1925- "Hora 25 Andalucia" + QRM Radio France Info Limoges. Poor/Suff. Boc22

801 22+24/01 1205-1300 RNE R1 Comunidad Valenciana (Castellon), // 774 Khz + RNE R1 Catalunya (Girona), // 738 Khz. Suff/Good. Boc22

819 23-25/01 1912-2340 Euskadi Irratia, San Sebastian, Euskadi. Spanish program, news & phonecalls, no local id. Suff. Boc22

837 21+24+27/01 1808-1859 COPE Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain, Regional/Local Programs "La Tarde De COPE Sevilla" Id "COPE Sevilla, En Los 836 Kcs Onda Media Y 99 Punto 6 De La Fm" + Obsessive QRM Radio France Info Tx Nancy Only Partly Looped. Also Detected Weak Signals From Co-Channel COPE Burgos At Same Time. Suff/Good. Boc22

864 23/01 1900-1909 RNE R.1 Tx Suocellamos, Castilla La Mancha, Spain, National network, surprising strong for 5 minutes. No traces of France Bleu Ile De France, Paris, France. Quite unusual reception. Good. Boc22

873 25/01 0550-0558 SER R. Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, "Hoy Por Hoy Aragon" Id, adverts. Channel very much interferred by AFN Germany 150 kw & Bulgaria 60 kw. Poor/Suff. Boc 22

873 25/01 0550-0600 Radio Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Local program. Very crowled frequency. Poor/Suff. Boc22

882 21-26/01 Regular Com Radio, Barcelona, Catalunya, Nx In Catalan. Web : Www.Comradio.Com Daylight Heard In Boc & Coast Massa Carrara With Car Radio. Suff/Good. Boc22

900 24/01 1808-1823 COPE Granada, Andalucia, Spain, Regional Service //837 Khz, Local Id 1823 + Adverts + RAI 1 Partly Looped. Poor/Suff Boc22

900 24/01 1815-1830 COPE Extremadura, Caceres, Spain. Regional/Local Service 1825-1830. RAI 1 Partly Looped. Poor/Suff. Boc22

927 24/01 0700-0709 Sim Radio, Portugal, Tx Evora, 1 Kw Listed. Problems with Belgium. Poor/Suff. Boc22

954 21-25/01 2309-2345 Onda Cero Radio, Madrid, Spain, Tertullias Deportistas ( Sport News). (Cesky Rozhlas now closee at 2259). Suff/Good Boc22

963 21+24/01 0800-;2315- Eskadi Irratia, Tx Biribilondo, Spanish program Suff/Good Boc22

990 24/01 1820-1840 SER R.Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain, Local/Regional + QRM Germany. Poor/Suff. Boc22

999 25+26/01 2330-2345 COPE Madrid, Spain, Night network program, usual phonecalls Tertullias. QRM From RAI 1 Fm, Relay all night by Tx RAI, not well syncronized, producing echos effects. Suff/Good Boc22

1008 22+24/01 1205-1259 SER R. Girona, Catalunya, midday winter reception + weak interferences from Groot Nieuws Radio, Zeewolde, Nederlands. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1008 24/01 1820-1840 SER R. Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain, Local News + usual problems with Netherlands. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1026 22-27/01 0001-0003; 1820-1855, 2157-2200 SER R. Reus, Catalunya, In Catalan + RTA Chaine 1 , Tx Hassi Messaud, Algerie, In Arab // 531 Khz. Poor/Good. Boc22

1026 21/01 1927-1930 SER R. Jerez, Andalucia, Local News "Hora 25 Jerez". Mixed Up/Down With Ser R.Reus. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1053 22-28/01 0650-0700;1125-1135;1158-1200 COPE Castellon, Pais Valenciano, Spain, Regional At Midday In Bocca, But Irregular Times Every Day. No Way To Get Evening Local Service Due To The High Interferences Coming From Romania. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1080 22-26/01 1205-1300;1820-1855 Ser R. Mallorca, Baleares, Spain, Midday Weak Reception In Boc. 1825- "Hoy Por Hoy Mallorca" + Ser R. Huesca, Aragon, At Evening More Weak Signals. Poor/Good. Boc22

1098 28/01 0650-0700 RNE R.5, Andalucia, Txs Almeria & Huelva. Regional Service Carried Only From RNE R.5 Network, Monday Till Friday. Suff. Boc22

1125 25/01 1230-1300 RNE R.5 Castellon, Regional //774 Khz. Regional Service From Monday Till Friday. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1134 28/01 0650-0700 COPE Jerez, Andalucia, Morning Local Program. Id. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1179 22-27/01 1209-1300;1820-1855;1925-1930 Ser R. Valencia, Spain, Local Program Comunidad Valenciana. Id "Radio Valencia 1179 Onda Media". At Evening Hours Problems From Antenne Saar, Germany, In French/German + ERA Thessaloniki, Greece, They Have Ethnic Music Programs + Radio Romania Actualitati, Tx Bacau. Another Nightmare Channel. Poor/Good Boc22

1197 23-27/01 2005-2344 Euskadi Irratia, Tx Vitoria. EuskERA Program, In // 1386 & 1476 Khz. Suff. Boc22

1215 24+28/01 0650-0700;1825-1830 COPE Cordoba, Andalucia, Local 0650, Regional 1820, Local 1825 + COPE Santander, Cantabria, Weaker Under COPE Cordoba. Turning Loop N/S. To Limit Monster Signal Coming From Albania. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1224 24-28/01 0650-0700;1557-1600 COPE Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Local Programs + COPE Lleida, Catalunya, At 0650- + COPE Albacete, Castilla La Mancha, Just Id At 1559 Hour. The 1224 Channel At Evening Is Totally OblitERAted By Super Power Signals From Radio Bulgaria. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1260 21-26/01 0655-0700;1635-1638;1820-1856;1925-1930;2157-2159 Ser R. Murcia, Spain, 0655- "Hoy Por Hoy Murcia", "Radio Murcia 1260 Onda Media". Suff/Good Boc22

1260 27/01 0655-0700,2157-2159 Ser R. Algeciras, Andalucia, 0655- "Hoy Por Hoy Algeciras". Poor/Suff. Boc22

1269 22-27/01 1205-1300;1808-1855 COPE Comarques Girones, The Program At 1808- Is No More From Studios In Gerona, But In // 783 !!! COPE Catalunya, Same The Midday Program Is Relay Of COPE Catalunya + Interferences From Germany Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster & Novi Sad, Serbia. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1269 27/01 1557-1558 COPE Ciudad Real, Andalucia, Local Id, First Time In Boc + Interferences From Radio Novi Sad, Tx Srbobran, Serbia. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1287 21-26/01 0655-0700;1635-1639;1820-1855;1925-1930 Ser R. Lleida, Catalunya. 0655- "Hoy Por Hoy Lleida" + Mixed With Ser R. Castilla, Burgos. Separable With Loop From Ser Lleida. Suff/Good Boc22

1296 21-26/01 0650-0700;1130-1300;1557-1600;1808-1840 COPE Valencia, Spain, "COPE Valencia En Los 1296 Kcs Onda Media" "COPE Comunidad Valenciana" + Bbc It Seems They Stopped The Boring DRM Noise On 1296 Khz + Christo Botev, Bulgaria. Poor/Good Boc22

1341 21+24-28/01 0555-0600;1757-1800 Onda Cero, Ciudad Real, Andalucia, Spain. Id "Onda Cero Ciudad Real 1341 Kcs Onda Media" Poor/Suff. Boc22

1341 24-28/01 2258-2301 Onda Cero, Almeria, Spain, Id "Visita Onda Cero Almeria Punto Com 1341 Kcs Y 92 Punto 1 Fm". Great First For Boc. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1341 24-26/01 1830-1856;2256-2259 Ser R. Leon, Spain, Id " Servicios Informativos De Radio Leon" Under Signals From Onda Cero Stations. Poor/Suff. Boc22 - After The Suddenly Closure Of Magyar Katolikus Radio The 1341 Khz Channel Has Becomed Very Interesting To Be Monitorated.

1359 21+25/01 2000-2045 DRM Noise ! "RNE DRM Arganda" Idiotness Is Everywhere. Blocking The Channel !!!! Seems 24 Hours !!!!! Horrible. Boc22

1386 21-27/01 1950-2230 Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao, EuskERA Program, // 1476 Khz + QRM Greek Pirate. Good/V.Good Boc22

1476 21-27/01 2016-2345 Euskadi Irratia, Biribilondo-San Sebastian, 50kw, Euskadi, In EuskERA Language, // 1386 Khz. Channel Is Free In Europe. Suff/Good. Boc22

1485 24/01 1630-1633 Ser R. Santander, Cantabria, Sunday Local Spot, Id + Adverts. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1485 26-28/01 0640-0659 Onda Rambla Cadena Punto Radio, Tx Vilanova I La Geltru, Catalunya, Id. "Onda Rambla 1485 Ona Midgia". Quite Difficult To Get Them Cause Italian Interferences. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1503 24/01 0650-0659 RNE R.5 La Linea, Andalucia, Regional Andalucia. Poor/Suff. Boc22

1521 22+24+28/01 0625-0630,1210-1230;1925-1930 Ser R. Castellon, Spain, 28/01 At 0625- Strong !!! "Hoy Por Hoy Castellon". Also Heard Weaker Signals At Midday, At The Evening The Channel Is Almost Totally Blocked By Duba, 2000 Kw, Saudi Arabia....Waiting Their Blow Up !!!!!! Poor/Good Boc22

1539 24+27/01 2157-2200 Ser R. Manresa, Catalunya, Id : "Sintunizan Radio Manresa 95 Punt 8 De La Efeema" The Erf Germany Close At -2145* Suff/Good Boc22

1584 26/01 0655-0659 Ser R. Gandia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, Id, "Hoy Por Hoy Gandia" Suff/Good Boc22
1602 24-28/01 0800-;1825- Radio Vitoria, Euskadi, In Spanish, Local News, Id "Radio Vitoria". Almost Blocking The Frequency At Evening/Night. Suff/Good Boc22

Rodolfo Zucchetti caspita che dx! Io a Bocca di Magra sono stato circa 4 anni fa presso il Monastero Santa Croce. Bel posto per il ritiro spirituale, ma non potevo, ne certo stendere le filari! Cmqe avevo avuto modo di notare tanti posti adatti al nostro hobby. Tu Giampiero dove ti piazzi, nelle casematte al posto dei pezzi da 150 sulla scogliera? Hi. Ciao!
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