01 April 2010


X band pirates

X band pirates heard in BOC 19, Bocca di Magra (La Spezia) Italy

1621v 02/03 1905....2045 Pirate Greek, Ouranio Toxo (Rainbow), Area Of Larissa. Usual Liscas sounds. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1625v 02/03 1903....2055 Tentative : Pirate Greek, Nikos Dynamitys, In The Area Of Tyrnavos, Greece, Bad Audio. Boc19

1629v 02/03 1905....2015 Pirate Greek, Radio Asteras, "Star", Terrific Audio, Making with harmonic on 4887v In 60 Meters Terrific signal but very bad modulation. Boc19

1631-1633v 02/03 1910.....2000 Tentative : Eptanisa Radiofonikos Stathmos, "7 Islands Radio" Near Korfu, Greece, Tx On/Off. Horrible audio. Boc19

1637-1639v 02/03 1915-1959 Pirate Greek, Radio Delta, Giannitsa, Greece, Usual Distorted Audio. Blocking 1640 Khz.... Boc19

1643 02/03 1905-1940 Unid Pirate Greek, No Ideas..... Poor/Suff. Boc19

1665 03/03 2303-2315 Radio Orban, Dutch Pirate, Id, Polkas Sounds, Drunked Speaker Chanting Polkas. Suff. Boc19

1690v 02/03 1905-2130 Pirate Greek Qso Network, Radio Stavros Network & Radio Studio 3 & Radio Alfa Vita, Thessaloniki, Blocking 1690 Khz. Very Bad. Boc19

1700v 02/03 1910-2100 Pirate Greek, Radio Yorgos Atlantis, Kalos, Blocking 1700 Khz Very bad mod. Boc19

1714v 02/03 1908-1950 Tentative : Radio Pirlos, Volos, Phonecalls. On/Off. Suff/Good. Boc19

Our thanks to Francesco Patrono, located in the Taranto Gulf area, monitoring for us the many signals coming from the pirate Greek Stations operating in the X Band.

Other Source Information For Greek Pirates: Http://Kotisivu.DnainteRNEt.Net/Harriku/Greeks.Htm

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