01 April 2010


Vecchia Europa

Ascolti europei per tutti i gusti e per i loop fatti a Bocca di Magra, BOC 19, con Dario Monferini.

RX: Perseus; SDR-IQ; Sangean 909; Degen 1103; Kchibo D96L; Tecsun PL-310; Tecsun PL-380; Sony SW-100

189 03/03 0054-0059 RUV Radio Iceland, Iceland, Icelandic Talks & News. Poor/Suff. Boc19

603 28/02 1730-1748 Radio Notre Dame Des Ondes, Via Tx Radio France Inter Lyon, Address : Notre Dame Des Ondes, 24 Rue P. Sisley, Fr-69003 Lyon. Only Sunday with live local Holy Mess. Weak QRM From Romania Actualitati. Good/V.Good Boc19

639 04/03 0650-0700 RNE R.1, Zaragoza, Regional Aragon + Problems with Chechia Cesky Rozhlas, Cro 2. National service. Poor/Suff. Boc19

675 04/03 0700-0730 Radio Maria, Netherlands, Religious Program In Dutch,Ids + Problems with Lybia Benghazy partly looped. Www.Radiomaria.Nl Poor/Suff. Boc19

702 01....04/03 1200-1300 CRI, China International relay from Monaco. Dominating the channel. "Vous Ecoutez Radio Chine Internationale" Very Good. Boc19

747 28/02....04/03 1106-1300 Radio 5, Netherlands, Satirical Talk Comedy In Dutch, Program On Sunday. Good Signal At Midday In Bocca, Surprising. Suff/Good. Boc19

801 03/03 2027-2100 On3radio, Munich, Germany, Address : Rundfunkplatz 1, D-80300 Muenchen. Program From Bayerischer Rundfunk Tx, Punky Music, By Christina Wolf Dj. Email : Christina@On3radio.De Web : Www.On3-Radio.De Suff/Good Boc19

810 01....04/03 2000-2100 R. Skopjie, Skopjiera, Makedonska, External Service, Albanian Service Followed At 1930 By Serbian Service. Dominating The Frequency, No Way To Get Signals From SER Madrid. Very Good. Boc19

846 28/02+03/03 2150-2200, 0255-0300 Radio North, Donegal, Ireland, Country Music, Rare Ids In English. RAI 1 Roma Still Off The Air, Some Problems With Splash DRM Noise On 855 Khz From Germany. Poor/Suff. Boc19
846 28/02 1930-1958 Radio Radonezh, Podmoskovye Electrostal Tx, Russia. Talks In Russian. Suff/Good. Boc19

891 01....03/03 2028-2100 Radio 538, Hulsberg, Nederlands, Pop Funky Music & Ids In Dutch. Www.Radio538.Nl Radio Alger Is Off The Air. Suff/V.Good. Boc19

936 01/03 0700-0715 Radio Bremen, Germany, Id, News, Traffic, Weather. Station now has been closed on mid March 2010. Suff/Good. Boc19

963 01/03 2059-2105 YLE Radio, Helsinki, Finland, Tx 600 Kw Pori. German Service, Produced By Yle. "Das Hisch Radio Finland International". Problems With Radio Tunis In Arab 200 Kw (Or More ???) Poor/Suff. Boc19

963 28/02 2345-2359 Radio Shumen, Bulgaria, Local Id + Tunisia In Arab Partly Looped. Suff/Good. Boc19

972 01/03 1832-1838 NDR, Hamburg, Germany, Program For Turkish Workers In Germany, Problems With Lybian Radio, In Arab, In //674 Khz, 24 Hours Service. Suff/Good. Boc19

972 03/03 2000-2010 Ukrainske Radio 1, Tx Nikolaev, 250kw. National Service, Political Talks + Problems With RNE R.1 Melilla & Lybian & Ndr Hamburg, Germany, Looped E/W Direction. Boc19

1116 01/03 1715-1730 Radio Miskolc, Hungary, "Kossuth Radio" Local Program + QRM RAI 1 Network. Suff/Good. Boc19

1125 01+03/03 1655-1730 Kanali Kultura, Belarus, National Service (Popular Music) + RNE R.5 Network Spain & Belgium Radio Vivacite'. Poor/Good. Boc19

1161 01....03/03 1642-1735 Radio Horizon, Bulgaria, Tx Stara Zagora, Politcal Talks (Very Boring) + Egiptian Radio, News In Arab, By Yl, Separable With Loop S/N. Direction. Suff/Good. Boc19

1170 01/03 1730-1930 Radio Capodistria, Slovenja, In Italian. "Il Notiziario Delle 1830 Ed Il Meteo" Only Around 1845 Traces From Radio Sawa, Al-Dhabbaya 800kw In Arab. Suff/Good. Boc19

1188 01+03/03 0735- , 1735- MR4 Hungary, Marcali Tx 300kw, Croatian Service At 0735-, Slovak Service At 1740-, Strong Signals. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1197 01+03/03 1745-1830 Radio Targu Mures, Romania, Rumanian Service Till
1800, In German After 1800 + Weak Interferences From Euskadi Irratia, Tx Vitoria, In Euskera, In // 1476 Khz. Suff/Good. Boc19

1206 01/03 1730-1800 "Studio France Bordeaux" Live Program Reporting The Problems After The Hurricane "Xynthia" Made 800000 People With No Houses. Live Phone Calls Of Desperates People. After 1800 Hours Connection To National Network. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1215 01/03 1755-1802 Radio Albania, Relay Radio China International, External Service, In Esperanto, (But Who Really Will Listen To This ???) + Absolute Radio Uk, With Scottish Electronic Sounds.....Separated With Loop From Albania N/S. Direction. Good. Boc19

1233 28/02....03/03 2000-2030 Absolute Radio, UK, Tx 0,5kw, Rock Music, In // 1215 kHz. Channel Is Almost Free, After Pure Fm Belgium Closed Mw Txs, Hrd Station In Arab, Presumed TWR Relay
Cyprus, Tx Doualiya, Cape Greco, 600kw, Signals Towards Meaddle East. Listed 2025-2215 Utc. Poor/Good. Boc19 (Another European Channel Almost Free...)

1251 01/03 0740-; 1810- Regio Radio Gyor, "Regio Radio", Hungary + Radio Debrecen, Hungary, With Popular Hungarian Music + QRM Lybia, Voice Of Africa, In Arab, maybe readings off the Green Book, of Colonel Gheddafi. Separable By Loop W/E. Direction. Suff/Good. Boc19

1278 01....04/03 0708-0800 France Bleu Alsace Selestat-Strasbourg, France, Www.Radiofrance.Fr/Chaines/France-Bleu/?Tag=Alsace In Alsacian/French. Local News. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1305 28/02....03/03 1620....2315 Unid Station With Modern Greek Music No Stop, No Liscas, Not Pirat, Good Modulation. Supposed To Be Located In Epiro Area. (Albanian Station Girokastra Is Inactive From Many Years) A Real Mistery Station. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1314 01/03 0700-0710 Antena Satelor, Costanta 30kw, Romania, No Signals From RNE R.5 Stations, Morning Propagation From East Instead Of The Normal From West. Why This Anomaly ????. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1350 28/02....04/03 1100....1505 Radio Orient, France, They Carry French News On The Hour, 5 Minutes, Other Programs In Arab, 24 Hours, + Weak Signals From Hungary, Radio Gyor. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1359 01/03 1840-1848 Presumed Radio Mayak, Tx Perm, Russia, channel is dominated by RNE R.1 Arganda, carry no more DRM Service (Luckly). Power sounds more than 10 Kw Listed. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1368 28/02+01/03 1930....2140 Manx Radio, local program, Web Www.Manxradio.Com + BBC Radio 5 Relay. + Egyptian Radio In Arab + Galei Zahal, Israel, Tx Shivta, In Hebrew. Real Chaos Channel, you need a loop. Poor/Suff/Good. Boc19

1377 01....03/03 1900-1920 Radio Ukraine 1 Program, Home Service, In Ukrainian, Id, News Elections Results + Strong QRM From Radio France, Tx Lille. Suff/Good. Boc19

1385,6v-1386,8v 01+03/03 2000-2159 "Makedonia" Pirate Greek, Usual Bad Modulation. Drifting Up & Down. A Real Pest. Was Missing The 02 March, That Evening We Got Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao, 50kw & Egyptian Radio In Arab. Suff/Good. Boc19

1395 01....03/03 0750-, *2158-2300 Radio Big L, Tx Trintelhaven, Netherlands, They S/On One Hour Later, So At 2100-2158 Channel 1395 Is Free ! Weak Signals From Armenia, Yerevan, Radio 2 ww.Armradio.Am/Live Is Hrd. But After 2158 Channel Is Blocked All Night !!! Good/V.Good. Boc19

1467 28/02....04/03 *0500-1900* Radio Maria France, Tx Monaco Roumoules, Ids "Vous Ecoutez Radio Maria France" 1430- "Les Pechers Veniels" Web: Www.Radiomaria.Fr They Close Down At 1900 Hours So Frequency Is Free For 1 Hour. Good/V.Good. Boc19

1494 01/03 1105-1130 Radio Corse Frequenza Mora, "Mediterradio" Monday At 1105 Hours In //1404 Khz & Fm Radio Press, Cagliari, Www.Radiopress.It "U Festivall Di Sanremo" Sardu/Corso Program. Good/V.Good. Boc19 Trasmissione Settimanale Realizzata In Associu Incù Radio Press In Cagliari. Ogni Settimana Si Tratta Un Sugettu D’attualità Incù Ospiti In Sardegna È In Corsica È Riporti Colti Da Ghjuvanpaulu Luciani È Da I Giurnalisti Di Radio Press. Mediterradio Hè Mantata In Onda Nantu A Frequenza Mora U Luni À Meziornu È Dece. In Sardegna, Nant’à Radio Press U Vennari À Meziornu È U Luni À Dece Ore. Web : Www.Radiofrance.Fr/Chaines/France-Bleu/?Tag=Corse The Local Program Of Rcfm From 0600 Till 2000 Hours !!!
Emwg is still wrong: F - France Bleu/Radio Corsa Frequenza Mora, Bastia (20) - Radio Corsa Frequenza Mora: 0700-0800 And 1100-1200 In French And Corsian... This Info Is Wrong

1503 28/02+02+03/03 1555....1805 Radio Beograd 202, Serbia, dominating over Radio Zavidovici, Bosnia, Id, Rock Metal Programs, Web : Http://Radio.Zavidovici.Eu Suff/Good. Boc19

1503 01/03 0659-0720 BBC Radio Stocke On Trent, Uk, Local Morning Show + RNE R.5 Network. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1521 01/03 0714-0716 Radio Gold 1521, Uk, Tx Crawley & Reigate. Local News Program, Not In // 1548 Khz. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1548 01+03/03 *2230-2328* Radio la Voce di Russia, Tx Grigoriopol, Moldavia, Italian Program, Letter Box, Travelling In Russia. Http://Italian.Ruvr.Ru Suff/Good. Boc19

1564,4v-1566,9v 01+02/03 1700-2150 "Anatolia" Kilkis, Greece, Greek Pirate, Bad Audio. A Real Desaster Around 1566 Khz. Very Bad. Boc19

1566 28/02+03/03 2330-0120 County Sound, Guilford, Uk, Oldies & Jingles, Weak Signal From BBC R.5 Night Program. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1602 04/03 0703-0712 Radio Waddenzee, Netherlands, Pop Music, Id, Jingles Www.Radiowaddenzee.Nl + QRM R.Vitoria, Euskadi. Poor/Suff. Boc19

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