01 April 2010


Middle East and North Africa

549 03/03 1820-1830 BSKSA, Saudi Arabia, Tx Qurayat, 2000 Kw, Sport Live, Partly Looped R. Koper, Slovenia, Id, News, Songs. Poor/Suff. Boc19

630 28/02....04/03 1100-1300 Radio Tunis, RTT, National Service, Arab News & Phone Calls Program. Dominating The Channel Midday. Good/V.Good. Boc19

792 01/03 1831- Tentative R. Yemen, Aden, In Arab + Partly Looped The signals From France & Greece, At Evening Both With Strong Signals. Poor/Suff. Boc19

846 25+29/10 1800-1815,0115- Abu Dhabi, Uae, Umm Al Quwain, Broadcast Malayan Service, For Malayan Workers In UAE. Music & Phonecalls. RAI Roma DRM Off Air ! Poor/Good Peaks. Boc18

1026 28/02 1900-1910 Rashet Dalet, Israel, In Arab, Some Problems With SER Network. Suff/Good. Boc19

1071 28/02....03/03 1700-1920, 0130-0140 presumed Radio Alnour Fm, Lebanon, Relay Syria, Web: Www.Alnour.Com.Lb Station Is Filo Syrian "The Light" & Against The Lebanese Govern. Address : P.O. Box : 197/25, Beirut, Lebanon. Email : Engineering@Alnour.Com.Lb For Reports. + Weak Signals From Irib 1 Iran, Tx Qom In Farsi & Egyptian Radio, Tx Cairo, In Arab With News. No Stations In Europe On 1071 Khz But Many In The Meaddle East......Human Madness Has No Limits. Suff/Good. Boc19

1206 01/03 1755-1759 Radio Studio Pamyat Iran, In Farsi, Hrd Turning Loop To E/W. Direction, To Limit The Strong Interference From France. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1377 01....03/03 1900-1915 TWR , Relay Gavar, Armenia, In Persian + 1476,26v 02/03 1615-1825 IRIB R.1, Sahandaj, Iran, In Farsi. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1431 28/02+03/03 1905....2145 Radio Sawa, Tx Arta, Djibouti, In Arab, Pop Music. + QRM RAI 1 Network. Suff/Good Boc19

1467 02/03 0401-0420, 1901-1920 Irib R.1, Tx Isfahan, Iran In Farsi, Free Channel Till 0458 Hours. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1485,15v 02/03 1929-1930 IRIB R.1 Abadan, Iran, In Farsi, Instead To Get SER Stations Local Hora 25 ..... Again Propagation To East. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1548 01+03/03 2300-2310 Radio Sawa, Tx Kuwait City, Kuwait, In Arab + Radio Gold, London. Poor/Suff. Boc19

1550 02+03/03 1951....2205 Radio Arabe Sahuari Democratica Nacional, Tx Rabuni, 100kw ?, Algeria, In Arab. News & Sounds From Sahara DeSERt. Not Hrd On Sw. But Sw Reactivated Later On In March. Suff/Good. Boc19

1575 28/02 0115-0125 Radio Farda, Tx Al Dhabiya, UAE, In Persian, Modern Songs + Weak QRM SER Network Night Service. RAI 1 Italy Is Off The Air After 2300 Hours. Suff/Good. Boc19

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