22 April 2008


North America in BOC12

Here the North American tips made in BOC12, Bocca di Magra DX Nights, with Dario Monferini.

You can find the full log in PlayDX site

1390 06/4 0440-0445 UNID USA, Gospel program... may be WXTC, Charleston, NC, reported with gospel programs. poor/suff BOC12

1470 05/4 0500-0501 WLAM, Lewiston, ME, with ESPN Sport Radio. (splash from 1467 R. Maria), in USB only. Poor/suff BOC12

1500 05+06/4 0422-0502 WWWT, Washington, DC, USA. Talk show, better in LSB. suff/good peaks BOC12

1510 05+06+08/4 0421-0451 WWZN, Boston, CT, USA. New format, Religious Gospel from Overcomer Ministries, better in LSB. poor/good peaks BOC12

1520 04+05/4 0419-0459 WWKB, Buffalo, NY, USA. "A new choice KB Radio 15-20" news talks report, only in LSB. poor/good peaks BOC12

1560 05/4 0458-0459 WQEW, New York, USA, R. Disney, pop music, jingles. Strong splash from R. France Inter TX Nice on 1557. poor/suff BOC12

1570 05+06/4 0450-0456 CFAV, Laval, PQ, Canada, in French, "Radio Boomer AM 1570" jingle heard, better LSB. poor/suff BOC12

1620 05+06/4 0415-0501 WDHP, US Virgin, EE BBC world news 0500. Some problems with Greek pirate stations around 1618-1622v. poor/suff BOC12

1620 05/4 0417-0450 WTAW, College Station, TX, USA. ABC News, Newstalk, mixed up/down WDHP. poor/suff BOC12

1630 05/4 0435-0440 WRDW, Augusta, GA, talk show, better in USB cause Greek pirate splatters. poor/suff BOC12

1640 05+06/4 0408-0510 WTNI, Biloxi, MS, better in LSB, ESPN Radio, News NATO meeting, ADV. "15000 $ first prize contest" last signal to fade out on 05 April, poor/good peaks BOC12

1650 05+06/4 0425-0437 WHKT, Portsmouth, VA, USA. Radio Disney ids, rock pop mx, better in LSB. suff/good BOC12

1650 06/4 0431-0435 CJRS, Montreal, Canada, "Vous écoutez Radio Shalom..." mix up/down WHKT. poor/suff BOC12

1650 06/4 0427-0428* CROSS CORSEN, Meteo Marine, France, prévision meteo pour les navigantes... http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Iroise_sea_map-fr.svg good/v.good BOC12

1660 05+06/4 0331-0435 WWRU, Jersey City, NJ, USA, Korean with Yankee slang by YL & YM, very boring programs. poor/suff BOC12

1660 04+05/4 0400-0440 WCNZ, Marco Island, FL, USA, Still doing the program produced by Relevant Radio, mix up/down with WWRU & WFNA. poor/good BOC12

1660 05/4 0437-0442 WFNA, Charlotte, CT, USA, ESPN News. poor/suff BOC12

1670 05/4 0439-0441 WVVM, Dry Branch, GA, USA, "VIVA AM 16-70 " Melodic songs Spanish, strong phading. poor/suff BOC12

1680 05/4 0429-0439 WLAA, Winter Garden, FL, USA, "Ke buena" Jigles. Better LSB cause a Pirate Bastard made troubles... strong peaks, poor/good peaks BOC12

1690 05+06/4 0455-0512 WMLB, Avondale Estates, GA, USA, "Voice of the Arts" Jingle ID, better in LSB, to partly avoid Greek Pirate troubles. poor/suff BOC12

1700 05/4 0405-0418 WEVP, Huntsville, AL, USA, "Power of the praise" gospel songs & talks. USB better. poor/good BOC12

1700 05/4 0340-0445 KVNS, Brownsville, TX, USA, oldies pop songs like Billy Joel song "Mr Piano Bar", up/down WEUP. poor/good peaks BOC12

1700 05/4 0446-0448 WJCC, Miami Springs, FL, USA, "WJCC te trae lo mejor !!!" mixed up/down KVNS suff/good peaks BOC12

rx: Perseus & AOR 7030
ant: Wellbrook LFL 1010

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