22 April 2008


Africa e Asia a BOC12

BOC12, è il turno delle stazioni africane e asiatiche (il criterio è geografico) ascoltate a Bocca di Magra con Dario. Da notare il Kenya su 846: la RAI era spenta!

Nella foto: Dario Monferini ascolta TWR 1566 kHz dal Benin con il Redsun: segnale ottimo!

782 05-08/4 1830-2040 Radio Damascus, Syria, in Arab, suff/v.good BOC12

846 08/4 2035-2110* VOK, TX Nyamina, Kenya, in Swahili, ID 2059,YL, News, off anthem 2110*. DRM RAI Tx Roma-Palombara Sabina, this evening OFF so possible to listen to VOK sounds suff/good BOC12

864 07/4 1715-1730 TWR TX Gavar, Armenia, Kazakh service ?, QRM from Egypt "Holy Kuran" service, & R.France Bleu (very strong). suff/good BOC12

927 04+05/4 0300-0315, 1520-1530 Radio Bir, TX Izmir, Turkey, National Service, ID, News 1530. suff/good BOC12

1071 04/4 1835-1839 NEWS RADIO EGYPT, TX Cairo, Egypt, instrumental string music . QRM from Euskadi Irratia in Euskera language & Saudi Arabia, with Call of Islam. suff/good BOC12

1098 08/4 1850-1855 Tentative Bayrak Radio 1, Cyprus Turkish, sport report in Turkish, no id, QRM RNE R.5 & IRIB ZABOL with Quran pry. poor/suff BOC12

1161 08/4 2010-2035 Mid Delta Radio, TX Tanta, Egypt, QRM Bulgaria (with oldies songs 40's years… boogie woogie) & IRAN with Voice of Palestine program in Arab (Id 2030 hours) suff/good BOC12

1170 04/4 2232-2245 R. Sawa, TX Al Dhabbaya, UAE. QRM Byelorussia. suff/good BOC12

1188 04+07/4 1901-2005 Egypt National Radio, TX Ras Gharib, in Arab, with devotional music + Payam Radio, Teheran, Iran, in Farsi + MDR Info, Germany. With loop possible to separe them all. poor/good BOC12

1197 07/4 1710-1719 Egypt National Radio, TX Alexandria, Arab radio drama. poor/suff BOC12

1206 07/4 1705-1715 PAYAM Radio, TX Payam ?, Iran, in Farsi. QRM France, also Tentative: Voice of People of Kurdistan, TX in Iraq, in Kurdish, with chanting popular songs. poor/suff BOC12

1224 05/4 2300-2305 R. Galei Zahal, National Army, TX Beersheba, Israel, News in //6973, 1287,1305,1367. suff/good BOC12

1233 07+08/4 1940-2025 TWR relay Cape Greco, Cyprus, in Arab, QRM PURE FM Belgium (partly looped) poor/good BOC12

1287 04-09/4 1720-1830; 0200-0255 R.Galei Zahal, National Army, TX Ramle, Israel, in // 6973 kHz (v.good) & // 1305, 1368. suff/v.good BOC12

1296 04/4 0230-0245 Tentative R. Omdurman, Sudan, QRM from : COPE + Beograd 1 TXs Vranje & Loznica Not syncronized making Echoes !!!! poor/suff BOC12

1377 05/4 1700-;2206- TWR Gavar, Armenia, in Arab, one hour later. QRM R. France Inter. suff/good BOC12

1377 07/4 2125-2134 Tentative : R. Free Africa, Tanzania, no id, Soul Music afro pop. QRM R. France Inter, partly looped. poor/suff BOC12

1386 07/4 0220-0240 KBC Kenya, TX Maralal, afro pop + Egypt TX Dakhala, Kuran program + at *0230 s/on IRIB Ahwaz in Farsi. suff/good BOC12

1413 05/4 1650-1659 BBC Relay TX Oman, in Farsi. QRM Moldavian Relay of R. Moscow & RNE R.5 TXs. poor/suff BOC12

1431 04/4 1905-1958 R. Sawa, TX Arta, Djibouti. After 2000 hours starts Germany TX with relay R. Moscow in Bulgarian. Another real mess frequency with RAI 1, almost cancelled by Sawa & Germany relay TX. suff/v.good BOC12

1467 04+05+07/4 1815-1855;0220-0245 Saudi Arabia station, in // 1521. Channel is free at 1800-1900 hours ! suff/good BOC12

1467 04+08/4 1805-1855 IRIB , TX Isfahan,Iran,in Farsi. QRM from Saudi Arabia. in Arabic. suff/good BOC12

1503 04+06/4 1740-1845 IRIB, R. Busher, IRAN, in Farsi. QRM from Egypt. suff/good BOC12

1503 04+06/4 1740-1845 Egypt North Sinai Radio, TX El Arish, Arab talks about moovies. suff/good BOC12

1512 05/4 2220-2230 SAUDI ARABIA, Holy Quran channel, TX Jeddah. QRM ERA Sport, Greece, TX Chania. suff/good BOC12

1539 04/4 2020-2030 RTD Djibouti, Tx Arta, in // 4780 (v.good). QRM ERF Germany partly looped. poor/suff BOC12

1550 05/4 2145-2200 R. National Rep. Democratica Saharaui, in Arab. Better in USB, in // 6300 (good). poor/suff BOC12

1566 05-08/4 1903-2159 AIR Nagpur, India, English news in //9470 kHz at 2140, in LSB better. suff/good BOC12

1566 06+08/4 1859-1813 HLAZ - FEBC, SEOUL, Korea South, Ids in Korean, mixed up/down India. suff/good peaks BOC12

1566 06+07/4 1835-2215* TWR Benin, regular schedule, in French at 2145 "La sagesse Chretienne" good afro gospel songs, asking for email reports : 1566@twr.org Also postal address in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. WEB : http://www.twraro.org.za/0127.asp IDs " This is the international voice of TWR Benin" ID also in French. suff/v.good BOC12 (Also heard with good quality with DEGEN 1103 and Redsun RP 2100 portables receivers)

rx: Perseus, RF Space SDR14, AOT 7030, Degen DE1103, Redsun PL2100
ant: Wellbrook LFL 1010, ferrite

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