18 October 2007


La Cina è vicina

Ascolti a Bocca di Magra, BOC10, con Dario Monferini. Cina, Corea e India:

1359 09-10/10 2010-2030 China Radio CR1, National Service, // 4800 Khz (V.Good) Poor/Fair Boc10

1377 08-09/10 *2000-2030 China Radio CR1, National Service, //4800 Khz (V.Good)

1404 09/10 2020 Observed China. It sounded as CR1. Under France, poor but clear for several minutes.

1521 08+09/10 1730-1745;1930-1945 R. China, Tx Urumqi, Russian. Thanks to A. Capra that alerted us from Lodi poor to good

1566 07-10/10 1820-2355 AIR Nagpur, India. EE News. 2130-; 2330-; In // 9425 Khz. Poor to Good

1566 08-10/10 1905-2118 HLAZ Radio, Korea, Febc Korean Program, Ids, Is., Thanks to A. Capra, that alerted us from Lodi. Poor to Good, it was an easy listening for more than an hour

rx: AOR AR7030, CiaoRadio H101, SDR-14
ant: Wellbrook LFL 1010


Giampiero Bernardini
Milano, Italy

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